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Choosing your parquet floor is an important decision for the future. For this reason, we offer our experience and advice and give you the very best.

Parquet Nouyrigat

Parquet flooring


The thickness of your parquet flooring will depend directly on your substrate. On an existing floor (concrete screed, tiles, wood panels, old parquet, etc.), you will opt for a 14 mm parquet to be glued.

21-mm parquet is suitable for nailed laying on joists. The width will be according to your taste, room configuration and technical specifications.

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
1480, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180400 to 2500
2180, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200400 to 2500

    Healthy knots < 8 mm


    Healthy knots < 15 mm in limited numbers


    Mix between Manoir & Rustique choices


    Healthy knots < 40 mm Without sapwood


    All singularities accepted
  • pose à l'anglaise
    Long strip pattern
    pose à la française
    Random strip width
    Pose coupe de pierre
    Brick pattern
    Parquet Bâton rompu
    Pose en échelle
    Ladder pattern
    Point de Hongrie
  • Your parquet can be straight-edged (GO0) or chamfered on two (GO2) or four sides (GO4).

    Parquet machining
  • Parquet finishing

    Unfinished or factory-finished, add colour to your parquet floor !

    From the conventional “natural” and “untreated wood look” to the most daring colours, we offer a wide range of options for your delight and to adorn your interior :

    • Masticated
    • Structured
    • Varnished
    • Pre-sanded
    • Aged
    • Oiled


  • Skirting board

    In addition to its function of protecting walls, skirting boards can also be used to complement the style of your room. Available from 1st choice to RUC.

    Plinthe - Bord Droit
    Straight edge
    (14 mm)
    Plinthe - Bord Chanfreiné
    Chamfered edge
    (14 mm)
    Plinthe - Bord Arrondi
    Rounded edge
    (14 mm)
    Plinthe - Grand Classique
    (21 mm)
  • Nez de marche
    Stair nosing
    (14 or 21 mm)
  • Professional glue for parquet

    A range of professional products to suit the installation of your glued parquet flooring is available - special extra width, underfloor heating compatible, solvent-free and easy to apply.

  • Oils & varnishes

    The finish is essential to protect your floor. It also enhances your parquet floor, giving it charm and authenticity. We offer a wide range of professional finishing products: floor varnishes, oils-waxes, wood stains, ageing agents, etc.

    Floor varnish is a particularly solid varnish that covers wood. It is suitable for areas with intense foot traffic and is easy to maintain.

    Oil is a product that saturates and nourishes the surface of the wood. It is warm in appearance and prevents the wood from clogging up with dirt. Over time, your floor will simply become more appealing and develop a unique sheen.

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