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Wood is our passion

We live out our passion for wood from logging to the finished product. The material selection process begins in the forest. The oak logs are then sawn and selected based on their characteristics.

Nouyrigat Expertise


a living material

Each tree is unique. And this individuality is characterized by singularities - wood grain, knots, cracks, texture, etc. -, which vary the visual impact - silvergrain, cat’s paw, colour variations, etc. Wood is a healthy ecological material that makes it excellent for floors; it feels warm, timeless and adds value to your home



Our resource needs time to maximise its potential. It is renewable but not inexhaustible, so it is essential to manage it sustainably. For this reason, our parquetry is committed to sourcing its raw material from nearby PEFC-certified forests.




After sawing, the timber needs to reach the right moisture content to guarantee a good level of stability. The seasoning phase lasts several months, after which the wood is then placed in a dryer for a few weeks. These steps result in long-lasting, high-quality parquet flooring.


Once the boards have stabilised in the best conditions, they are planed, profiled and sanded to become unfinished parquet that is ready to be laid.

Rigorously classified Parquet floors


Parquet floors are rigorously classified and selected in accordance with established selection criteria. Each range gives a different and unique style (1st choice, rustic, etc.)


We offer a wide range of factory finishes to choose from: natural or stained, unfinished, structured, aged, oiled, and varnished.



Our technical team is at your disposal to provide support with your project. We draw from our experience to recommend the technical solution that most accurately suits your requirements.


Delivery is an important step in the process. We have a network of partners who can supply your parquet flooring directly to your worksite.

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